How Rubenfeld Synergy (RSM) Has Changed My Life

The two most wonderful things that ever happened to me were meeting my husband Mike and finding (or being led to?) RSM.  And, although my husband is a truly wonderful being in his own right, I am convinced that it is RSM that has empowered us to grow our relationship so that it is fulfilling, honest and honoring.  RSM has taught me, to quote my teacher, Joe Weldon, “to talk with my touch and touch with my words.”

Lori R Schlosser

Lori listens to a shoulder

This is the first time I have ever written a blog and it is my very first blog post.  My intention is to make my blog part of a spiritual practice.  It will allow me to stay connected to my own experience while serving as a means to let you know me as a Synergist and a person.  I plan to share with you how RSM has changed my life and in doing so, allow you to discover the power it can have in transforming your own.  It is not my intention to market my practice or RSM or to convince anyone that it is “right” for them.  I will just share my own experience.  I will also let you know of any special events or groups I will be presenting in case you are moved to join me or want to learn more. I genuinely invite your questions and would love to dialogue with you.

For this first blog post, I will highlight six of what I will call RSM Gifts that have enhanced my life tremendously.

       Living Life with All My Senses– The heightened somatic (body) awareness I have learned through RSM has allowed me to live my life in all its fullness with all my senses!!  How much more vibrant the world is, how much more I hear, see, smell, touch and taste!! 

       Coping More Easefully with Change– RSM has given me a framework of how to deal with change.  It has taught me that the journey towards a new way of being is not linear and that confusion or “not knowing” are signs that the change process is happening.  What a relief!! It makes change less overwhelming and gives me the stamina to hang in there with hope!!

       Fully Listening– RSM has taught me the art of compassionate listening—really listening- listening with my ears, my eyes, my hands, my heart and my intuition.  It has also taught me to listen to myself and the wisdom of my own body which carries my truth.

       Self-Care– Through RSM I have learned skills that support my own self-care.  RSM has taught me that I can be fully present with another and still stay connected with myself.  It has shown me that I can actually be more available and present for others if I stay connected to myself, or as Ilana Rubenfeld, the founder of RSM has so eloquently stated, “ By continually filling up, I can spill over without depleting myself.”

       Staying Grounded– Using simple and elegant postures, RSM has taught me to notice the ground under my feet, my connection to the earth and a position we call BOMA (Balance of Mechanical Advantage) that reminds me to use my hips to support my torso and upper body.  This position provides me with the “felt sense” that forceful winds of change and emotion will not knock me over!!

       Being In Relationship– RSM has empowered me to identify and liberate myself from relationship patterns I absorbed as part of my “family trance.”  This kind of awareness allows me to consciously create my own authentic relationships instead of unconsciously repeating patterns that I learned from those who went before me.

Listening hands

Listening hands

Six gifts (and that’s only the beginning!!),  stated separately, but in fact, intertwined to create a powerful new life paradigm based on Gentleness, Respect, Openness, Understanding, Noticing and Discovery — the GROUND of Rubenfeld Synergy!!  What a gift, what a blessing, what an incredibly beautiful way to “be” in the world, to “be” with others.  I am humbled and honored to do this work and to share these gifts with others on the journey.  I am grateful to have this chance to share this with all of you who are reading.

I will conclude with a quote from a client at the end of a recent session she had with me. She said, “Amazing is over-used in our culture.  Pizza is not amazing.  It may be delicious, but it’s not amazing.  This work is amazing!!” 

I love my work, I love my life. Wishing you an “amazing” journey!!

                                    ‘Til next time, Lori Schlosser 

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3 thoughts on “How Rubenfeld Synergy (RSM) Has Changed My Life

  1. Love love love your blog! wonderfully put the wonders of this work and the ability of it to transform ourselves and our clients. Thanks for sharing this with us all!

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